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Friday, 29 April 2011

Groove X Cardinal Shop Rider

Here's another shop rider, Alsy Childs who rides for Groove BMX:

Name: Alsy Childs
Age: 18

Bike Check:

Frame - Cardinal Ambassador 21 maroon
Fork - Twenty frenchkiss
Bars - 42Bikes
Stem - 42Bike
Barends - Animal
Grips - Twenty
Headset - United Value
Seat - Eclat
Seatpost - ??
Seat Clamp - built in
Rear Wheel - Proper Hub LHD 9T on a Eclat Bondi Rim
Front Wheel - Proper Hub on a Ecalt Bondi Rim
Cranks - Eclat Tibia
BB - Twenty?
Pedals - Odyssey Jim C
Sprocket - 42Bikes 25T
Chain - Odyssey blue bird
Pegs - Animal
Tyres - Animal Tom White Walls

Alsy is back riding now but we havent had a chance to sort some pics for you guys yet. i have attached 2 pics we took on the day he crashed but before he crashed so feel free to use them for now. ive also attached a pic of his bike and his face just after the crash ;)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

TwentyFive9 X Cardinal Shop Rider

From Jesse @

I received the frame wednesday and my rider alex built it up as soon as
he got home, we went out for the first time on it today.
To say the least; myself, my rider sam and alex himself LOVES this
frame. We are pretty sketched out on the dropouts mind, something new to
our team!

Bike check

Frame - Cardinal Ambassador
Fork -mutiny wands
Bars -lumberjacks
Stem -salt
…Barends -oddyseys
Grips -odi longnecks
Headset - Turningpoint
Seat -abike co cush
Seatpost -short as possible
Seat Clamp – built in
Rear Wheel – proper manganite custom
Front Wheel -custom built season set
Cranks -Odyssey Twombolts
BB- Coalition
Pedals -dmr v8 fuck plastic shit
Sprocket -profile 25t
Chain -yme halflink
Pegs -salt standards
Tyres -odyssey aitken

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Colony Lil' Endeavour

Lil' Endeavour: Are you are a smaller dude looking for a better bike but they are all too long? Rejoice! The Lil' Endeavour is here, same spec as the regular Endeavour but with a 19.8" toptube. Great colours too. These will be available from the beginning of May. Ask your local shop